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About us

Hi! We are Barry and Shawn- Two crazy explorers seeking the next best experience around the world. We were both sick of our 9-5, or we should say 9-9 corporate lifestyle. It just wasn't for us. So we left our jobs, sold our crap, packed our bags, and flew to Europe to start our first epic adventure.

Ever since we began traveling, people have been extremely interested in how we do it, wishing they could have a life of adventure as well. More importantly, they always want to know the best places to see, and where they should go.

This is how our company Where NeXt? began. We wanted to create a community of like-minded people who are traveling, will be traveling, or just wish they could travel. From the experienced vagabond, to the I want to go somewhere someday person, we want to help everyone see what our world has to offer, because it is amazing! Let's be honest, there is no best place to go. Everywhere is special in its own way.

From here we have expanded our company with Where Ne❌t? Retreats. We collaborate with your favorite influencers to manage the most epic retreats in some of the most beautiful destinations around the world. We have 4 main categories (Fitness, Yoga, Photography and Mind and Body) but dont worry we have many more options for you.

With our passion for traveling, we will share our crazy stories, useful travel tips, incredible adventures, inspiring photography, epic retreats and some insane videos to better help you on your own journey.

We want to show you how easy it is to travel the world and open your mind to new sights, vivid sounds, and incredible tastes. You will learn that a little culture shock is a good thing.

I guess you could say we are based in Southern California, but we tend to be in Bali or even on the road more than we are there. We are always up for some collaboration with fellow explorers that truly live to travel and travel to live.

Welcome to #WhereNe❌t, come join us on our next adventure!